I write this post amid a global pandemic. March 12, 2020 was the official announcement date of this outbreak being labeled a pandemic. It didn't take long before I started seeing a pattern of a new language and words of behavior, we all should abide by. Almost immediately the one word that seemed to be flooding my social media channels and products/brands I follow was, CANCELLED. My mind imagined these concrete words like a giant bingo marker blobbing out important events and social activities.   I reached out to a few family & friends, from all different walks, to write down the first 25 daily/weekly/monthly activities and special events that came to mind. Then I asked them to note which ones had been cancelled. I made a bingo card for each of the participants' answers and it became apparent who the social butterfly's and the hermits were.    

On any given "normal" day of mine, I'm likely to have some sort of anxiety.  Some days are intese and overwhelming.  I am quite aware of the severity of this ever-changing situation and it's taking a lot to keep my anxious nature under control. Not let my mind wander into verydark and scary places.  All the while taking precautions to keep myself, my family and my community safe.  

Remaining stress-free as much as I can to stay healthy for myself and to be healthy to take care of my own family through this is a must. Seeing others' art and creative input has been great to see.  Even the comic relief keeps the anxiety at bay which wants to take over at times. Having said that... I made up this little homemade zine with artwork relating to the repetitive verbiage of the Covid-19 Global pandemic. An artifact of these times.  

For now, this is all the creative input I will give this current event and keep my focus on my Bookstore that I had been working on starting up just as all of this erupted. My hope is that any angst peopleare feeling during this be expressed in creative ways.  Internalizing this stress can be both emotinally and physically destructive.

Hoping to be out in the world again.     

Stay healthy and as of now.... STAY HOME!