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Den Wall Design Lab is a textile-based, sustainable driven creative collective founded by myself, Melanie Walden.

Being brought up by very creative parents I was surrounded by the creative and operational process daily. In my early childhood my parents ran and operated a wooden toy business and some of my earliest and fondest memories were traveling to different craft trade shows. To refine my creative innateness my educational route took me to London, England where I studied at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. After returning to the States I developed a textile-style of illustrations and had shows with most notably Thinkspace Gallery. Additionally I worked on a collaborative published written project ‘I Am You Are’ which was a poetry based illustrated book.Currently I am developing a more sustainable collection of work and am operating out of Ontario, California.

Transparency and sustainability through a refined process.

Excavation the mind of future thought and past memories, I am to extract expressions of every sensory form into visual artifacts. Mediums such as found objects, garments, writings, photographs, graphic prints, etc. are used to visually interpret inspirations.
Concepts > Renderings > Textiles > Garments/Artifacts
Every design component is carefully sourced and selected with purpose. There’s no rush when making what you love.

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